Our goal at CanadaExtreme.ca website is to give information, news and tips for athletes and adventure lovers about a various kind of extreme sports in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) at first and all CANADA afterwards. This information includes:

  • Information about most kinds of extreme sports in categories.
  • News & Events for extreme sports in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) and then all CANADA.
  • Where to Try or get a course for each sports in British Columbia (BC) and CANADA.
  • Where  to Buy Gears in shops or online shops and know about big sales.
  • Introduce local Athletes with biography, vision and trophies.
  • Information about Federations, Committees & Associations.
  • Tips for safety and buying gears.
  • Experiences of our users who have tried any extreme sports.

We would love to hear from you and get your comments to improve our website and contents.

Please share your experiences with others about each extreme sport that you tried so they could get a clue and use it to have a better and safer experience.


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