Surfing vancouver british columbia bc canada

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Surfing is an extreme adventure sport to riding the waves means the surfer moves forward on the water with the power of waves on a board. The waves for surfing usually found in oceans but it can be on lakes or rivers or artificial wave pools.

Surfboards come in many sizes, shapes and designs like Fish, Groveler, Hybrid, Longboards, Mid Length, Mini Mals, Shortboards, Soft Deck, Step Up and…  So the type of board that suits you depending on your weight, your surfing ability and the type of waves you are riding.

The largest wave ever surfed is a 23.8 m (78 ft) wave by Garrett McNamara at Portugal which is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There is also a new invention called foilboard or hydrofoil surfing which is a surfboard with a hydrofoil so you can surf on water without waves.

Surfing is a dangerous sport with many hazards like Collisions, Drowning, Rip currents, Marine life, Seabed, Microorganisms, Ear damage,…

Surfing in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has various kinds of choices because of the Pacific Ocean like Tofino in Vancouver Island, Nootka Island or Haida Gwaii.

Surfing vancouver british columbia bc canada

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Safety Tips:

  • Check your gear before getting in the water
  • Carry a signal device like a whistle
  • Surf at places protected by lifeguards.
  •  Do not surf impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Do not surf after meals
  • Do not go surfing when you are tired or not feeling well
  • Warm up before getting in the water
  • Do not go on water during storms and high winds
  • Be cautious about the sun and skin burning
  • Drink water regularly, dehydration can be very dangerous
  • Know about the Rip currents and how to get out. Don’t try to swim against it
  • Surf on the waves and conditions that suits your ability
  • Do not get in the way or other surfers may crash you
  • Do not go surfing at night, dawn or dusk to avoid shark attack
  • Do not wear shiny things and get out of water ASAP if bleeding to avoid shark attack
  • Do not go surfing around bait fishes to avoid shark attack (diving seabirds in the area are a sign of bait fishes in the water)
  • If you get in any trouble, don’t panic, be calm and think of how to get out
  • Always wear feet protected wetsuit, life jacket and watercraft helmet
  • Check the weather and current condition before getting in the water
  • Always be aware of other surfers
  • Never go alone and tell somebody where you are headed before you go
  • Never surf close to the rocks and swimming area

Most famous companies to manufacture surfboards are: Alder, Bic Surfboards, Bing, Bradley, Black Rose, California Board Company, Cannibal , Catch Surf, Channel Islands, Christenson, Cortez, Form, Haydenshapes , Hobie, Hold Fast, JS, Lib Tech, Lost, Mark Phipps, Neilson, NSP, Pukas, Pyzel, Rip Curl , Rob Machado, Rusty , Sharp Eye, Slater Designs, Softech, Stretch Boards, Stewart, Sunshine, Surfworx, Takayama, Torq, Walden, …

Surfing vancouver british columbia bc canada

Image by Free-Photos

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