jet ski vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Marc Babin

PWC or Personal Watercraft is a recreational motor vehicle for use on the water. It has an internal pump-jet and moves forward by a jet of water ejected from the back of the watercraft. There are two styles of personal watercraft, Sit-Down and Stand-Up. The sit-down style is the most popular one which the rider mostly sit and ride and can carry up to four people while Stand-Up style has no seat, one rider and mainly uses for competitions and tricks.

Many people referred personal watercraft to Jet Ski which is a trademarked brand by Kawasaki. Yamaha trademarked brand for personal watercraft is WaveRunner and Sea-Doo manufactured by Bombardier.

Although most people use personal watercraft (Jet Ski) as a recreational sport, there are other uses too like military, police and coast guard, rescue team, pulling water-ski or wakeboard, fishing…

P1 AquaX is the most famous competition for personal watercraft (Jet Ski) in the world since 2011.

jet ski vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Quino Al

Personal watercraft (Jet Ski) in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has various kinds of choices because of the ocean and lakes in the state.

Some of the necessary things you need to have for personal watercraft (Jet Ski) are personal watercraft (Jet Ski),Wetsuit, Life Jacket, Watercraft Helmet, Gloves, Goggles, Area Map, Compass, GPS, Multi-Function Watch, Cell Phone, First Aid Kit, Waterproof Bag, Knife or Multi Tools, Whistle, Water, Energy Bar, Cash, …

Most popular companies to supply personal watercraft (Jet Ski) are: Kawasaki, Sea-Doo and Yamaha

Safety Tips:

  • Fill up your gas tank and check your jet ski mechanical condition
  • Check if your state requires a license while operating a jet ski (PWC)
  • Carry your jet ski documentation
  • Carry a fire extinguisher onboard and signal device like a whistle
  • Carry compass or GPS in case of getting lost
  • Always attach the kill switch cord to your wrist while operating so in case of falling off the jet ski, the engine will turn off.
  • Remove the cord when you doc the jet ski to prevent theft
  • Do not drive impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Drive within your ability and obey the speed limit
  • Always wear feet protected wetsuit, life jacket and watercraft helmet
  • Check the weather and current condition before heading out
  • Use jet ski lift when not in use
  • Never travel alone and tell somebody where you are headed before you go
  • Never drive close to rocks, shore and swimming area
  • If you fall off the jet ski, try to get on the jet ski from the back deck
jet ski vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Rizhan

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