sailing vancouver british columbia bc canadaSailing is to propel a craft by the power of the wind. Usually Sailing is to move a watercraft on the surface of the water in lakes, seas or oceans but it can be on land or ice with a rolling board. In the old times, sailing and paddle was the only way to propel ships on water but today sailing is an adventure sport and only use for recreation in two types, racing and cruises.

Sailing boat categorized in these styles: Cabin Boat, Catamaran, Classic Boat, Cruiser, Dinghy, Flatboat, Keelboat, Motor Sailer, Sailing Yacht, Trimaran

There are many sailing competitions around the world in coastal, offshore or in the oceans with different rules and classes such as Olympics, America’s Cup, Cowes Week, Mug Race, Transpacific Yacht Race, Volvo Ocean Race, the Swiftsure Yacht Race, …

Sailing in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has various kinds of choices because of the Pacific Ocean and lakes in the state like Kootenay Lake, Okanagan Lake or Cariboo Lake. There are some regulations and permit requirements for sailing across Canada.

sailing vancouver british columbia bc canadaSafety Tips:

  • Check your boat and equipment before getting in the water
  • Check if your sailing destination requires a permit or restricted area (some trips may end up in another country)
  • Look up weather and water condition forecasts
  • Do not go on water during storms and high winds
  • Tether to the boat with a harness in rough conditions
  • Make sure you and  your crew use personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Carry signal devices like whistle, fog horn, flashlight, …
  • Be cautious about the sun and skin burning
  • Be cautious about hypothermia
  • Study the local chart that you will be sailing
  • Double check your safety equipment, use a safety checklist
  • Drink water regularly, dehydration can be very dangerous
  • Carry a GPS and cell phone in case of accident or getting lost
  • Stay in the boat and be alert all the time of sailing
  • Use a float plan to alert rescuers in an emergency situation
  • Do not impair by alcohol or drugs while sailing
  • Choose a trip within your ability
  • Try not to sail alone and tell somebody where you are headed and when you will be back

Most popular companies to manufacture sailboats are: Amel, Baltic, Bavaria, Beneteau, C&C, Catalina, Columbia, Dehler , Dufour, Elan, Ferretti Yachts, Fountaine Pajot, Freedom Marine, Hallberg-Rassy, Hanse, Hinckley, Hylas, Island Packet, Jeanneau , Lagoon, Marlow-Hunter, Meridian, oyster, Pacific Seacraft, Sparkman & Stephens, Tartan, X-Yachts

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