rafting vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Julie Thornton

Rafting is a recreation adventure sport which is to come down a whitewater river using an inflatable boat. Depend on the boat size it can be a single rider or a team of 10 people or more. IRF (International Rafting Federation) is the worldwide federation of rafting and there are some competitions like world rafting championship.

Rivers difficulty has been divided into 6 classes. Class 1 has a very small rough area requiring basic skills to class 6 with very big waves, rocks, drops and many hazards which can be ending in serious injury or death. It is not safe even for pros.

Rafting technique in whitewater is different from Kayaks and Canoes. Many people use Kayaks and Canoe in whitewater river which is amazing too.

Rafting in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has various kinds of choices because of the mountains and rivers in the state like Squamish, Kootenay River, Adams River, Lardeau River and Cowichan River. There are some regulations and permit requirements for rafting across Canada.

Some of the necessary things you need to have for Rafting are Boat, Paddle, Wetsuit, Booties, Life Jacket, Watercraft Helmet, Gloves, Towel, Goggles, Area Map, Compass, GPS, Multi-Function Watch, Cell Phone, First Aid Kit, Air Pump, Repair Kit, Dry Bag, Knife or Multi Tools, Whistle, Water, Energy Bar, Cash, …

rafting vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Firdouss Ross

Most popular companies to supply Rafting equipment are: AIRE, Carlisle, Cataract, Gerber, NRS, Railblaza, Sawyer, STAR Inflatables, Tributary, Watershed, Werner, WRSI…

Safety Tips:

  • Check your raft and equipment before getting in the water
  • Check if rafting destination requires a permit (some trips end up in another country)
  • Study the route that you will be rafting
  • Always wear a wetsuit, life jacket and watercraft helmet
  • Check the weather and water condition before heading out
  • Carry signal devices like a whistle
  • You should know swimming to go rafting
  • Listen to your guide and know the commands
  • Drink water regularly, dehydration can be very dangerous
  • Carry a GPS and cell phone in case of an accident or getting lost
  • Hold to your paddle and try to stay in the boat
  • Do not impair by alcohol or drugs while rafting
  • Choose a trip within your ability
  • Never go alone, tell somebody where you are headed
rafting vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Adrien Olichon

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