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Mountaineering is the activity to climb a mountain by feet and hands and it includes trekking, hiking, rock climbing, ice climbing, rappel (Rappel or Abseiling is to descend a vertical surface like a cliff by using a rope and wrapping it around the body or use a technical device like a rack).

Mountaineering can be very simple as walking up to a small mount or can be very extreme as climbing to a summit of a very huge, sloppy mountain like mount Everest which requires special training, gears, body condition and experience Which makes mountaineering as one of the most dangerous activities in the world caused by natural disaster like avalanches, rock or ice falling, weather conditions, storm, attitude, solar injury, ice slopes, Crevasses and above all skills, wrong decisions and lack of gears.

Although Mountaineering has a lot of hazards but it is one the most enjoyable activities, Being in nature, fortitude and challenges to get to the summit have a very good effect on people both physically and mentally.

Gears are very important in mountaineering and depend on the plan, duration, weather and location you should take the right gears with you but light packing is very important too.

Mountaineering in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has various kinds of choices from easy hikes like going to the Grouse Mountain to technical climbing like Mount Fairweather with a summit elevation of 4671 m (15,325 ft) above sea level.

The necessary things you need to have on a trip depends on the plan, location, weather and duration but for instance some of them are Hiking Boots, Base Layer, Pants, Waterproof Pants, Mid Layer, Jacket, Fleece, Waterproof Jacket with Hood, extra Socks, Bandana, Gloves, Sun Hat, Warm Hat, Helmet, Sun Glasses, Gaiters, extra Boot Lace, Backpack, Map, Compass, GPS, Head Lamp or Flash Light, Multi-Function Watch, Cell Phone, extra Batteries, Backup Battery, First Aid Kit, Knife or Multi Tools, Lighter and Matches, Gas, Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Duct Tape, Toilet Paper, Towel, Food, Water, extra Food, extra Water, Energy Bar, Rope, Harness, Belay/Rappel Device, Poles, Crampons, Sleeping Bag, Underlay, Tent, Carabiners, Cash, …

Most popular companies to supply mountaineering gears are: LA Sportiva, Arc’teryx, Black Diamond, Patagonia, Hyperlight Mountain Gear, The North Face, Millet, Lowa, Mountain Hardwear, Petzl, Mammut, Scarpa, Garmont, Rab, …

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Safety Tips:

  • Do not go on a big trip with a new boot, use them on a small trip to see if they suit you.
  • Know of your body condition and strength, plan a trip that suits your ability.
  • Before any trip write down the things you need and double check before packing.
  • Get information about the weather at the time of your trip and update it regularly.
  • If anything goes wrong, turn around, being alive and healthy will let you attempt later.
  • Depend on the trip set a time to get to the summit and if the time passed, turn around.
  • Never go far from the main route so in emergency situation rescue team can find you easily.
  • Before going on a trip, Get information about the shelters on your route and plan carefully.
  • Invest well for your gears, they may save your life.
  • Never go to a new mountain without a guide. Usually, local guides are better because they know of the area and weather region. Having a partner or climbing with a team is much safer.


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