ultralight aviation microlight vancouver british columbia bc canada

photo by Konrad Wojciechowski

Ultralight aviation or is a small flying aircraft with one or two seats and fixed wings. There were two types of ultralight aviation in Canada, BULA (Basic Ultralight Aircraft) and AULA (Advanced Ultralight Aircraft) but on June 2003 they came to unite as ultralight but there are different types of aircraft depending on weight, speed, loads capacity and …

In Canada, you have to get an ultralight pilot permit from Transport Canada under the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulation (CARs) and you have to fly in the daytime. There are types of permits depending on aircraft, carrying a passenger or to fly from land or water. With some types of permits and experience, you may fly to the USA.  To fly in the US, you also need a certificate from FAA.

Some aircraft have their own ballistic parachute to use in emergency incidents.

Most popular companies to supply ultralight are: Cessna, Piper, Cirrus, Beechcraft , Aviat, American Champion, Aeronca, Boeing/Stearman, Commander, Cubcrafters, Dehavilland, Diamond, Mooney, Maule, Grumann/American general, Socata, Ercoupe, Quicksilver, …

ultralight aviation microlight vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Fal Enron

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