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Skydiving is a way to come down from a point in the air to the ground with the power of gravity by a parachute. André Jacques Garnerin invented the parachute and made his first jump from a balloon in 1797. He jumped from 3200 feet above Paris.
There are two major types of parachutes, automatic and manual, in automatic the parachute will open automatically after you jump, it was used for beginners but now with the air tunnel, it is obsolete, with the manual chute you experience a free fall and then you open the parachute to lower the speed for landing. The freefall in skydiving is not similar to any other freefall like bungee jumping and roller coaster because after a few seconds of falling, your speed becomes stable and you feel very comfortable, it’s an awesome experience. There is an opportunity for people with no experience to try skydiving with an instructor, it calls Tandem and it is like you attached to a certified instructor and jump together, the instructor do all the things and you just enjoy the freefall but you must be in good condition and it is not recommended for the people with conditions like heart, lung or …
Skydiving is an extreme sport with a high level of adrenaline. Felix Baumgartner made the record of highest skydiving from 128,000 feet (39,000 meters) in 2012. Luke Aikins made the first freefall without a parachute in 2016, he jumped from a plane at 25000 feet (7600 meters) and he wasn’t even wearing a parachute and landed on a big net.
A parachute rig contains the main canopy, reserve canopy, lines, risers, container, pilot chute, ADD and the other Things you need for skydiving are Helmet, Goggles, jumpsuit
Most popular companies to supply parachutes rig are: Aerodyne, Mirage, UPT, Sun Path, Icarus, Parachute Systems, and Precision Aerodynamics

Photo by Lina Trochez

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