Photo by Eerik Sandstrom

Mountain Biking is a cycling extreme sport and generally means to ride a bicycle off road, usually on rough terrain with a special bike called Mountain Bike. Mountain bikes tires diameters are 26”, 27.5” and 29” with tread and a flat or upward handlebar. They usually have suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and a strong frame.

It is highly recommended that don’t go on a Mountain Biking trip alone.

Things you better have on a Mountain Biking trip are Helmet, Glasses, proper cloth and shoes, gloves, pads and body armor, GPS, air pump, tools for mechanical problems, flat tire equipment, first aids, lights, foods and water

Mountain Biking has many categories, here are some types:

Cross Country:
Riding in a loop or point to point on a variety of terrain. Cross Country type is the most common type of Mountain Biking which is an Olympic sport since 1996.

Riding off-road like mountains, hills, forests, paths, …

All Mountain (Enduro):
It is similar to Cross Country but riders have to climb and in most races climbing time are not considered but there is a limit. This type of Mountain Biking mostly uses for fun.

Downhill is one the most extreme cycling sports which the rider passes through rough terrain with high speed on rocks, dirt, big jumps and ….
The bicycle is very heavy around 35 to 45 pounds and usually tries on ski resorts in the summertime for lifting facility.

Freeride biking is very similar to Downhill but it focused on jumps and tricks.

Some other types of Mountain Biking are Dirt Jumping, Bikepacking, Marathon, Urban or Street,

Most popular companies to feature Mountain bikes are: Yeti, Kona, GT, Cannondale, Trek, Santa Cruz, Giant, Cube, Radon, Merida, Fuji, Scott

Mountain Bike in Canada

Photo by Erik Ringsmuth

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