snowmobile vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Rainy Lake

Snowmobile is a motor vehicle for use on snow or ice. For rear wheels, it has tracks made of Kevlar composite and ski at the front for control. Harold J. Kalenze from Canada is the first who patented snowmobile in 1911. Although snowmobiles invented to transfer passengers and carrying goods in winter but now it has a lot of use like police, patrol, Farmers, Mountain and frozen Lake Patrols and mostly as a recreational sport.

You can see electric models in Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia (BC), Canada.

Snowmobiling in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has various kinds of choices like Sicamous, Whistler Blackcomb, Revelstoke, Valemount, Radium Hot Springs, Golden, Elk Valley and … for Beginners and experts.

Some countries put some bans on snowmobiles because of noise, pollution and environmental impact, for example, only four-stroke snowmobiles are allowed in Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

Some of the necessary things you need to have for snowmobiling are snowmobile, waterproof Boots, Helmet, Waterproof Gloves, Goggles, Base Layers, Appropriate Suit, Extra Dry Suit, Area Map, Water Proof Backpack, Compass, GPS, Multi-Function Watch, Cell Phone, First Aid Kit, Mechanical Kit, Knife or Multi Tools, Saw, Axe, Ice Pick, Lighter and Matches, Whistle, Flashlight, Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Water, Energy Bar, Cash, …

Most popular companies to supply Snowmobiles are: Alpina, Buran, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski Doo, Taiga, and Yamaha

Safety Tips:

snowmobile vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Linnea Friberg

  • Fill up your gas tank and check your snowmobile mechanical condition
  • Do not drive impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Drive within your ability and obey the speed limit
  • Always wear snowmobiles helmet
  • Check the weather and contact the local snowmobile club to check trail and ice conditions
  • Never travel alone and tell somebody where you are headed before you go
  • Never drive on ice that is near moving water or that has recently refrozen or weak or unfamiliar frozen lakes
  • Double Check your equipment and backpack before heading out

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