kitesurfing vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Holger Link

Kitesurfing is a kind of kiteboarding which the kitesurfer use power kite to surf on the water… It’s very similar to Snowkiting but it needs its special training. To do kitesurfing, you need to learn both board riding and kite flying. There is a kiteboard, a kite, a harness and a control bar which is attached to the harness. With proper winds and big kites, kitesurfers can jump big air and do acrobatic stuff. The speed record of Kitesurfing is 107.36 km/h (66.7 mph) by Alex Caizergues in 2017 and the longest distance kitesurfing is 874 km (543 mi) from Lisboa to Maderia by Francisco Lufinha in 2015.

Kitesurfer use two different kinds of kites, Foil Kites and Inflatable Kites, they are both made of polyester but foil kites have air cells and inflatable kites have bladders which have to be inflated with an air pump.

Canada is one of the major destinations for Kitesurfing because of the wind, ocean and hundreds of lakes in the country. Kitesurfing in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada in summer has a various kind of choices like Vancouver Island, Squamish, Ambleside Beach, Spanish Banks Beach ….

Some of  the necessary things you need to have for kitesurfing are Kite and Accessories, kiteboard, Watercraft Helmet, Gloves, Goggles, Wetsuit, Life Jacket, Area Map, Compass, GPS, Multi-Function

Watch, Knife or Multi Tools, Whistle, Cell phone, Waterproof Bag, SOS Flashlight, Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Water, Energy Bar, Cash, …

Most popular companies to supply snowkiting gears are: Airush, Axis, Cabrinha, Crazyfly, Flysurfer, F-One, HQ, Naish, Nobile, Ozone, Slingshot, Speedtech

kitesurfing vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Dekeister Leopold

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