cliff jumping diving vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Kekai AhSam

Cliff Jumping or Cliff Diving is an extreme sport which is jumping or diving from a cliff into the water. It is an extreme adventure sport and usually mixes with climbing or mountain biking to get to the top of the cliff. To avoid injury in high cliff divers may enter the water feet first.

The International Cliff Diving Championship and The Redbull Cliff Diving World Series are the most famous annual events in cliff diving. The Redbull Cliff Diving World Series is created by Redbull Energy Drink in 2009 and the jumping platform height is about 27 meter, divers scored by five judges.

Laso Schaller’s jumped from a 58.8 meter (193 ft.) cliff in Switzerland in 2015.

Cliff Jumping or Cliff Diving in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has various kinds of places from easy jumps like Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver with a 20 feet (6 Meter) height for beginners to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver with a range up to 60 feet (18.2 Meter) drop. Lions Bay, Green Lake, Capilano Granny’s Cove and Brohm Lake are some other cliff jumping spots in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada.

cliff jumping diving vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Jakob Owens

Safety Tips for Cliff Diving:

  • Check the cliff and drop a small stone to see where it gets to the water
  • Check the water to know how deep it is
  • Do not Start cliff jumping with high altitude
  • Do not cliff diving impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Do not cliff diving after meals
  • Do not go cliff diving when you are tired or not feeling well
  • Jump feet first and arms tight to the body in a straight position
  • Breathe out through your nose when you get close to the water and protect your ears by olive oil or silicone
  • Make sure the other jumpers get out of water before you jump
  • Warm up before the jump
  • Do not go cliff jumping during storms and high winds
  • Be cautious about the sun and skin burning
  • Drink water regularly, dehydration can be very dangerous
  • Jump from a cliff that suits your ability
  • Always keep an eye on the jumpers
  • Do not go cliff diving at night
  • Do not go cliff diving around bait fishes to avoid shark attack (diving seabirds in the area are a sign of bait fishes in the water)
  • Always wear wetsuit and sneakers for cliff jumping
  • Never go alone and tell somebody where you are headed before you go

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