Paintball is a recreational adventure sport which two or more teams compete to each other like a war with air weapon called paintball marker. The bullets are like capsules filled with colored gelatin called paintballs so when they hit anybody or anything, the capsules break and get colored.

Paintball can be played on indoor or outdoor field. There are many types of games like elimination, capture the flag, capturing objects, defending or attacking an area, … and different times.

The paintball game is very fun and exciting and to go pro, you have to learn many rules, strategy and tactics.

Although paintball is a recreational game but there are many types of competition around the world and most countries have national teams.

The paintball equipment are paintballs, pods, paintball marker, goggles, helmet, gloves, body pad, cup, knee pad, elbow pad, ….

Paintball in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has a various kind of choices and there are many fields in the state.

Most famous companies to manufacture paintball equipment are: Azodin, BT, Dangerous Power, DLX, DYE, Elite 1, Empire, Gryphon, HK Army, Inception Designs, JT, Kingman, Planet Eclipse, Tiberius Arms, Tippmann, US Army,

Safety Tips:

  • Check your gear before getting on the field
  • wear, Wear paintball mask, helmet, protective pads and gloves in the field at all time
  • Do not play paintball impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Do not play paintball when you are tired or not feeling well
  • Do not play paintball outside the specified field
  • Do not blind fire
  • Use barrel plug for your marker
  • Lookup for the rules in the game
  • Do not shoot anybody closer than 3 meters (10 Feet)
  • Warm up before the game begins
  • If playing outdoors, be cautious about the sun and skin burning
  • Drink water regularly, dehydration can be very dangerous
  • Play in the field and conditions that suits your ability

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