Photo by Lane Smith

Base Jumping is a type of skydiving which the skydiver jumps from a solid object like a building, antenna, span or a cliff. It is way more dangerous than skydiving, because of the lower attitude you can’t reach the stable speed so it’s hard to control the body position and the fact that you are very close to the solid objects so you can hit the object after the parachute is opened, off heading opening may cause by packing, wind direction, body position, pilot chute pulsation and lack of skills.

Base numbers give to those who have made at least one jump from building, antenna, span and a cliff.

Base Jumping is one of the most extreme sports in the world and a lot of people got hard injury or die to try this sport. Base jumpers are professional skydivers who have more than 150 jumps and learned how to do it.

A parachute rig contains the main canopy, reserve canopy, lines, risers, container, pilot chute, ADD and the other Things you need for skydiving are Helmet, Goggles, jumpsuit, gloves, … but Parachute in base jumping is a little different, for example, skydiving rig has two parachutes and base rig have one, different packing, no D-Bag, no cutaway handles, no ADD, big pilot chute, two pin system, faster opening and …

Most popular companies to supply parachutes rig are: Aerodyne, Mirage, UPT, Sun Path, Icarus, Parachute Systems, and Precision Aerodynamics

Photo by Paul Gilmore

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