Bungee jumping is to jump from a high structure like bridge or crane connecting with an elastic cord. It can also be from a helicopter or hot air balloon. You have to attach the elastic cord to your feet or harness and jump, depending on the length of elastic cord you feel the free fall and then by stretching the cord you move up and down smoothly.

The first bungee jumps were made on Clifton Bridge in England by David Kirke and Simon Keeling in 1979.

The cord is made by many tiny latex strands and a strong cover which put on when the latex is stressed.

At 233 m (764 ft), Macau tower in Asia is the highest bungee jump in the world.

Bungee jumping is safer than skydiving but you have to do it correctly in the right place with the right equipment or it can be very dangerous. If you go to a commercial bungee jumping place you don’t need any gear and they usually provide anything. You only have to be in good condition. There are also some li

There is another kind of bungee jumping which you start from the ground connecting to a stretched cord and then by releasing the cord soot you up in the air.

Age,  weight and condition are some important things to consider if you want to try bungee jumping.

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