car racing vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Jp Valery

Car Racing or Auto Racing is a competition of speed involving automobiles. It is a multi-billion extreme sport with a lot of hazards but It is very popular in the world and has a lot of fans. Car Racing has many categories with different rules and regulations like Rallies, Off-Road racing, Hill Climbing, Karting, Historic, Drifting and so on. The most famous Auto Racing competition is Formula 1 which is an open wheel racing. NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is very popular in North America.

car racing vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by Sergei Boldt

The first official Auto Race was made in France from Paris to Rouen. 25 cars raced 127 km (79 mi) in 1894 and the average speed of the winner was 19 km/h (11.8 mi/h).

Rally is a kind of Auto Racing with customized cars in and off-road. Usually, two persons sit in a Rally car, a driver and a co-driver who is the navigator. World Rally Championship which is organized with FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) is the most important event in the sport.

Auto Racing (Car Racing) in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada has various kinds of tracks like Mission Raceway Park in Mission, Penticton Speedway in Penticton, Western Speedway in Langford, Motoplex Speedway in Vernon, Agassiz Speedway in Agassiz, Speeders Electric Pro Karts in Richmond, Taylor Speedway in Taylor and …

To become a race driver you may start with Kart racing, it is affordable and then start taking courses. Help with a driver’s crew may be very helpful. You also have to know well about the auto mechanics but after all to become a successful race driver you should have both courage and talent. Some say it’s a gift, you can’t earn it, if you have it, you can optimize it.

car racing vancouver british columbia bc canada

Photo by David Armstrong


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